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Inigo: Homes with a History

A Home with a History: in the second-hand spirit of things in East Sussex An escape to the country symbolised something of a homecoming for Katy and John Maskell Bell and their young family, who found a welcome echo of familiarity in a farmhouse with a Gothic twist. Katy and John Maskell Bell are trying to count the pieces they bought new for their Victorian farmhouse and they’re still on a single hand. We’ve landed on the French bed (a moving-in present from John’s parents), three ruffled lamp shades from Beauvamp and four of Hans Wegner’s ‘Wishbone’ chairs. These are arranged around a refectory table that spent the last few decades in Katy’s family home. There are still two fingers...

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The Guardian Fashion Fixes

Bags of fun Update your handbag with a jolly squiggle clip on strap made from vegetable tanned leather and hand cut in England. The reversible design can also be personalised with a debossed monogram.  Read the full article

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Country & Town House

Independent London-based design brand LPOL has been campaigning for sustainable practice in the industry since 2009. All of the brand’s accessories are made here in the UK, with local craftsmanship and minimum transportation (and transmissions) in mind. LPOL also creates its products with a zero-waste ethos, as seen with its latest release: a reimaginging of the classic black saddle bag. Saving leather off-cuts and surplus materials from going to landfill, the bag allows the brand to commit to more zero-waste methods in its workshop while creating crowd-favourite designs. The bag itself is also trendlessly classic, meaning you can take it with you through the seasons. Read the full article here

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The Guardian Closet Clinic

LPOL Founders Katy & John Maskell Bell were invited to the Guardian's panel of expert leather care advisors to offer guidance and advice on how to care for your leather clothing and accessories.  Read the full article here

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