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A New Year Lease of Life

In the New Year spirit of things, we're here to offer some inspiration and assistance to give your beloved leathers a New Year boost and glow; be it your favourite LPOL handbag or any other brand handbag, shoes, jacket, wallet, purse and more. So, we're delighted to share some insider tips and hacks...or, if you're happy to outsource it, you can trust us to give the professional treatment with our very own Restore & Revive Leather Care Service. To keep your bag in the best condition, we recommend applying a high quality natural leather balm or cream to your bag at least every few weeks. This will ensure your bag will last for many more years. It’s vital to keep good moisture in...

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A Moment with Izzy McFarlane - Ceramic Artist

Izzy McFarlane is a ceramic artist based in Margate. Having studied printed textiles at Leeds Arts University, she bought a kick wheel in August 2020 and has been making ceramics ever since. She takes a lot of inspiration from architecture and mid century design, which is what drew us to her brilliant work. Izzy very kindly gifted a set of 4 mugs for our latest giveaway and we caught up with her to find more about her work, why she settled in Margate, and her proudest eBay bargain… Let's start from the beginning. What’s your background and how did you get to where you are today? My creative journey really began at UCA Canterbury on their amazing foundation course. This...

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A moment with Hannah Postle-Cope - Founder of COPE Studio

What led you to start Cope Studio? I’d been working as the lead on production for a London brand for a few years already before going to work alongside a heritage factory outside Stockport. Unfortunately the factory was closed down due to unmanageable overheads and I could see that many of the customers there would be cut adrift without a UK-based manufacturer. I knew that many brands like yours find the Made in England stamp really important, so I knew that I could set up a small studio to fulfil that need without the huge overheads that had crippled others.  From a personal point of view I love to make things with my hands, and engineer a problem. I love...

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