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Our Promise


We are passionate about and committed to creating products that embody the very best quality and craftsmanship. We personally select the finest natural materials, from Italian leathers locally sourced through London merchants to surplus British wool, cotton and linen supplied by family business all over the UK. And we employ some of the most skilled local hands in London to make every bag by hand, in the best tradition and progression of our craft. It allows us to offer you a level of authenticity, quality and provenance that many brands just cannot do, but it also means we can make you a special promise: we will take care of any repair work of your LPOL bag for the first year of wear.

This promise covers your bag against any unexpected manufacturing faults or defects, but will not cover general wear and tear damage caused by everyday use or misuse. Whilst we're sure you won’t have any issues, please have peace of mind that no matter where you’re heading, we will make sure that your LPOL bag stays with you for many years to come.

How to redeem against our promise

Please simply email us on hello@lpol.co.uk with a description and pictures of the issue including a copy of your LPOL receipt and we'll be in touch with next steps.

General wear and tear

Our promise is intended to give you confidence in the quality of our products and craftsmanship. If a bag has been subject to very heavy use, is showing signs of natural wear and tear, or has been misused, it may not be subject to a free repair service. In either of these cases, we offer a paid repair service at a reasonable cost, and we will consult you on a personal repair plan. In line with our promise, we will review all bag repair queries carefully and considerately, and will use our experience and expertise to give a fair assessment of the nature and cause of the damage.

Shipping costs

If your bag is in need of repair, we ask that you post it to us at your cost, but we will repay the favour - we will cover all associated costs of sending it to our workshop for repair and back to you to your chosen postal address.

 If you have any further questions about our promise please don't hesitate to get in touch.