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A Moment with Genevieve Harris - vintage fashion stylist

Genevieve Harris (@mrs_trufflepig) is a proponent of vintage fashion and second-hand furniture and interiors that are characterful and well-made. Her love of local craft, second-hand fashion and furniture, and slow living has brought her a legion of fans and followers who all aspire to reconnect with 'the good life' in an age of rapid social and technological change. Brilliant then, that she nonchalantly harnesses the power of instagram to share her ideas, discoveries and style advice.

Let's start from the beginning. What’s your background and how did you get to where you are today? 

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island in Canada and moved to London when I was 20 to work in the fashion industry. After meeting my husband, and starting a family, we decided to uproot and move to Rye on the south coast. 

What inspires you?  

I get so much inspiration for my garden and home from the people and places in this area. Rye is a hub for artists and creatives and there is so much talent here. 

You have a strong and loyal following on Instagram – how would you define your role in people’s (social) lives?

I’m extremely lucky to have such kind and supportive followers. Although instagram never shows the whole picture, I do hope that my account provides joy to others by celebrating the beautiful bits of life and the simple pleasures. 

How long have you lived in East Sussex, and why did you choose to settle there?

We’ve lived near Rye for just over 10 years. It’s a beautiful place to live as we’re only 10 minutes from the sea. The town has a wealth of amazing independent shops and restaurants, and it’s in relatively close proximity to London. 

We love your enthusiasm for vintage and antique furniture and fashion. What’s your favourite piece and why?

Oh gosh, that’s an impossible question to answer! I have so many favourite pieces. If I had to choose however I think it would be a 1950s cashmere cardigan that my best friend gave me 20 years ago just before I moved to England. I’ve worn and repaired it so many times, it has huge sentimental value to me.

 You’re the new owner of a Mini Elwin Handbag – what do you most love about it?

I adore my new Mini Elwin bag! I love the unexpected combination of the traditional brown bag with the crisp white squiggle strap.

What essential (and non-essential!) items do you keep in your Mini Elwin?

It’s just the right size for my wallet, keys and lipstick. Anything bigger and my kids start filling it up with their junk! 

You’re a lover of vintage – why is this so important to you?

Shopping vintage and second-hand clothing has always been a big part of my life. Apart from the environmental benefits, I feel like mixing thrifted and vintage piece in with good quality, considered purchases can create a look that’s totally unique and individual. 

What’s your top tip for living more responsibly?

Buy less, buy well! I do love the thrill of getting a new bag, pair of shoes or outfit, but I’ve learned over the years to save up and splurge on the classic, well-made pieces that will last the test of time and won’t date with the flitting trends. 

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