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Made to Last Manifesto

Made to Last – our promise to you and to our planet

We are proud to be part of a generation that is proactive, not just reactive.

We’re also proud to say that sustainable methods have been in the LPOL DNA from the very start, and they are what define us to this day. We continue to interrogate and challenge our own processes; from our own personal behaviours, to supplier practices and each and every step of the bag making process, right the way up to the point your order reaches you at home. We are committed to doing what we can where can, at the right time. Because for us, it’s not just about making short term fixes (sticking plasters), it’s about making long-term permanent and meaningful changes.

At the very core of our sustainability mantra is to design and make products that last. We believe this is the key to reducing our effect on the natural world, and our best contribution to inspiring positive change in our industry. So our passion and obsession for sourcing the finest natural materials, and then crafting and constructing them in to bags that stand the test of time is the most solemn promise we can make to you and to this wondrous planet of ours.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we all have the power to be more considered in the way we live.

So as we continue our journey, we hope we can inspire you to continue yours too.

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