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New: Penrose Metallic Paper Vegan Handbag

Meet our first ever animal-free Vegan bag - made from FSC certified recycled paper

After months of exploration, we have found an authentic animal-free material that we think you're going to love. Manufactured from recycled fibres that derive from the paper industry, this innovative material comprises of industrial waste from the production of items like cigarette packets, kitchen tissue and paper napkins, which is collected and then pulped, regenerated and transformed in to the raw material, Texon. It is then infused with an organic plant-based latex and coated in an Oeko-Tex® approved metallic silver foil to add strength, durability and style - and the papery wonder-fabric is born!

It's kind to humans, animals and the environment alike. Certified by both the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Oeko-Tex® (the world's best-known label for textiles tested for harmful substances), Texon's certification makes it a more sustainable choice than many other leather alternatives, which often use large quantities of fossil fuels and water in their production and harmful chemicals in their composition.

More commonly used for jeans labels, bookbindings, furniture, and luggage tags thanks to its durability and eco credentials, Texon Paper is an animal-free product that has its own unique character and charm whilst fitting perfectly with our minimalist design-led aesthetic. Showing the imperfections of paper through its papery creases but with a crisp, stand-up structure, this bag really shines!

“For me it wasn’t about finding a fake leather alternative. We wanted to work with a new raw material and celebrate its own unique form and construction. I love how it isn’t trying to be something it’s not. We’ve intentionally left it unlined to show off its unique raw beauty”. Katy Maskell Bell

Modelled on the ubiquitous carrier bag and designed on a three-piece pattern for strength, simplicity and style, the Penrose Metallic Paper is handcrafted in our London workshop by the same expert team that work with our superior quality vegetable tanned leather. Using the same attention to detail and fussless design ethos, this eco shopper handbag with its metallic silver coating is possibly just what you need this party season!

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