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Repair & Restore Leather Care Service

Repair & Restore Leather Care Service

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Treat your treasured leather bag or accessory to our bespoke R&R Leather Care Service

Whether years, months or days old, your LPOL leather bag or accessory will be reborn with our unique R&R service, carried out in-house using our specialist repairer, plus natural cleaning solutions, polishing creams and balms. We have 15 years' experience, honing skills and techniques in leather care, ensuring to return moisture and flexibility to your leather bag so that it looks, feels and performs at its absolute best. We will target each area with the correct treatment works, including; cleaning and polishing the main body of the bag, waxing stitches and seams, waxing and buffing edges, brushing and cleaning of interior lining (where relevant) and more.

You can typically expect a 7-day lead time, from receiving your leather product to returning it back to you.

Pricing: the £45 price tag covers specialist repair, cleaning and polishing processes (body and edges and interior).