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Our Story

Redefining luxury, one bag at a time 

LPOL - formerly known as Lost Property of London - is an independent design brand founded and directed by Katy and John Maskell Bell - a husband and wife creative team who are responsible for the design, production and presentation of a coveted collection of sustainable and ethically-minded leather and upcycled goods. Katy and John met in 2004 studying at the World-renowned Central Martins College of Art & Design in London, where their values, personalities, creativities and life aims intertwined. They have never seen business as work, but a constant evolving love.

The LPOL brand was born in London in 2009 with an uncompromising vision and passion for finding a better way – no matter how tough the task or how challenging the journey. Katy graduated as a textile designer from Central Saint Martins where she developed a passion for salvaging and upcycling material. Even before graduating, she was successfully producing bespoke works for UK and International clients, quickly becoming known for her sustainable values, bold prints and sculptural form. Her time working in the design studios of luxury brands gave her first hand experience of the wasteful practices, unsustainable design and poor quality craftsmanship that seemed to pervade the industry and fall in to the hands of the consumer, who simply had no knowledge of the product’s true integrity. Katy imagined a better way, and her energy and beliefs underpin everything that the brand stands for today, proudly positioning it at the forefront of responsible and considerate design. John - a classically trained graphic designer - joined Katy full-time in 2016 having left a 12-year career as an awarded advertising creative & copywriter. John's experience in nurturing brands by helping them find and express their authentic self dovetails seamlessly with Katy's product and material know-how. He not only shares Katy's fundamental beliefs about what constitutes responsible design, but like her is from a long line of innovators, challengers and entrepreneurs.

 "When we formed LPOL, our focus was on using superior quality natural materials and reclaimed fabric sourced locally in the UK and Europe. From the outset, we were clear that production of every product had to be in London, to help support and revive local craft skills and to keep transportation and emissions to a minimum. We have pioneered a zero waste production method in our East London factory whereby all material waste and off-cuts are retained and used to produce small goods, one-off gifts and artist collaborations. We work continuously to make production more efficient, lower-impact and even more local. Our design philosophy is evident in the finished product; clean lines and minimalist form that deliver essential everyday functionality. We design our collections to last beyond the latest trends, to last for a lifetime. We passionately believe that we can help change the perception of luxury – one that is not defined by brand name or logo, and instead one that is defined by a set of values personified by products of integrity and enduring style."

Katy & John Maskell Bell  |  Founders